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Welcome to Cecilia’s Temple of Groom’s blog AKA “The Blog Pound”.

I’d like to personally thank you for joining me here. I have a ton of goals for this space, including being able to further educate people in greater detail on things I feel are important to the health and well being of their pets. Sometimes I only get a few short rushed minutes to discuss your pet’s health, so I will be able to really get into details which we may not have been able to address completely at the salon.

I look forward to being able to highlight some of the great things my clients do locally. It’s important to support you, as you have me for so many years now. I have clients whom have great pet related products and services. So many are also really talented folks who, over the years, have impressed and inspired me with what they do. I’m very excited to be able to spotlight some of the other local businesses here as well.

I have taken time this year to implement some of the things my clients have been asking for as well. I completely revamped the website, and am now accepting PayPal for our customers who prefer to only use electronic payments. The main reason I have not moved to accepting credit cards at this time (never say never) is to mainly keep my prices reasonable. I do feel it’s important to listen and give everyone what best fits their needs, so I’m very excited to offer PayPal.

I currently have two assistants working with me now, so the shop is that much more efficient. Thank these ladies because they really take pride in being part of your pet’s experience and keeping the shop immaculate. If you’ve ever wondered, the training is pretty extensive and I’ve always thought it takes about a year to really become a solid bather. Coaching has always been a passion of mine, so the training has been a great experience for all of us.

If there is anything you’d like to read about, or get more info about, drop me a message through our contact page, I look forward to having an active site that everyone can enjoy!


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