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Let’s dog paddle right into the deep end of the pond and talk BRUSHING! It’s on my list of most important things you can do to care for the grooming well being of your dog. The greatest reason I encourage owners to brush their dogs is that it can become a great bonding experience. Its how I get to know and bond with your pet, and even for the dog that doesn’t particularly care for it at first, you’d be surprised with the correct techniques how much they learn tolerate and even enjoy it. When brushing is done in a kind and safe manner, trust is built very quickly. I hope these details will inspire you to pick up the (right) brush and start a new habit.

Because I do not offer dematting on any dog, I don’t use razor combs or other products that “thin” coats. As i discuss on the FAQ page, I will always safely clip out or shave down substantial matting on any dog. Little fluffy has a little knotted up ear? Yea we can brush that, but six weeks of no brushing, and trying to do it all in one go turns into a day of misery. Brush burn is absolutely something that can happen, which in the worst of situations can turn into a nasty infection.

Universal Slicker Brush

Greyhound Comb



















As far as equipment ¬†goes, I don’t stray from some basic, simple products. My absolute favorite being the Franks universal slicker brush. Ive been using them since i started my career in 1996, and although I’ve tried many other brands and versions, I always go back to these. Ive never thought paying more that 5-10$ on a brush was necessary, and over time my personal opinion is that the more it costs, the more damaging to the coat it tends to be.. (I’m looking at you furminator).
I team up the basic slicker brush with a greyhound style comb, and that’s my roster for getting through just about any coat.


Ive mentioned before, technique is even more important than what you use. Some of the main key points on my techniques:

* brushing from the skin through the ends of the hair in small sections. Below is a link to a video how.

Brushing technique
*Using a comb to find mats, but switching to the slicker brush to work through them.
*Holding the brush like you would silverware, and not like a murderer holds a knife, ensuring that you’ll have an even safe pressure.
*Brush and comb with the grain of the hair growth.
*If the matting has gotten to a place where you no longer feel like its safe or comfortable to brush out, then make the call to me and we can discuss the best plan to tackle it, whether its a nice short clip to last you to your next haircut, or booking sooner to maintain the length you want.

Let me know if you have more questions, i look forward to seeing and hearing how the brushing is going!

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