Welcome Professor Peepers

There are few better days than the ones where we get to meet a new pet addition to a clients household! New rescues, new puppies, new pretty much any species really… even of the human variety.. they make our day, and we know how awesome of a privilege and what an exciting time that is. I am so happy to share with everyone my new addition, a beautiful cat, named Professor Peepers. 

He’s an Exotic short hair, and almost Four months old. He is small and charming and thinks he’s pretty tough too. I never realized how much i missed having a pet, having lost my last cat Max in 2013. Peeps is a perfect fit.

You can keep up to date on him Via instagram @professorpeepers, and definitely give the salon a follow too @ceciliastempleofgroom


We are getting to work on his cardboard box laboratory, and leash training, but in the meantime, lots of sleeping, eating and playing!

Have a great night!! Cecilia








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