June 2018 salon update

We are adjusting our hours

Tuesday 8am- 2pm. 

Wednesday 8am-2pm

Thursday 8am-5pm

Friday 8am-2pm

Saturday 8am-2pm


Monday -Closed

Please ask about 7am appointment availability on weekdays.

Pre-booked appointments outside of this timeframe are not affected and remain the same.

I want to personally thank everyone for your timely pickups and drop offs for your appointments, it helps my day run smoothly, especially when I am running the shop alone.


July 4th

July 13th

October 28th- November 6th

Our books are currently closed to new clients, as is our wait list. I apologize for any inconvenience. Please watch our social media outlets and website for updates. I will not be returning phone calls about new clients. 

Also note, we do not book online, or through email. They get lost and missed very easily. Please call and leave a message and I will reply when I do not have a dog on the table, as it’s my policy to not use the phone when actively working on your pets for safety reasons. 

Thank you 


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