2019 update spectacular !

2019 update time!

We are more than a month into 2019, and already very excited about this coming year here at CTOG.
We closed out last year with a lot of new and exciting changes- our biggest welcoming Caylie, a 10 year veteran groomer to our team. By now you’ve noticed we have had more flexibility and availability for appointments, plus the ability to make adjustments for clients with scheduling conflicts. It was something we have had a lot of requests and feedback for and are very happy to be able to implement that with Caylie on the team.

We are still taking new small dogs at this time, so tell your friends and neighbors and dog park buddies. Let us know and We can provide cards or flyers for you.

We were concerned that having another groomers worth of dogs in the small space would have made it difficult to keep the quietish vibe. The reality is, it hasn’t changed that at all. The key has been clients dropping off and picking up on time.

We would like to make mention of a policy that gets broken a lot- and we hope this gives some perspective:

**Please wait for our call before you come in for your finished dog**

If we didn’t give you an exact pick up time, you must wait for our call. It is extremely difficult to finish a dog who thinks it’s spa day is over when you come in. And trust us..THEY KNOW! No amount of being quiet will help us trim the final touches on their faces especially when we are working with sharp tools.
We will in most cases send the dog home unfinished with regards to their safety. So trust us, even though we’d keep them all, yes- we will call you. If it’s a time thing or a concern- send a text to the shop line- as we don’t answer the phone when dogs are on the tables.

Another thing to look for is we are finally going to get some CTOG merchandise out to the clients. We will be putting that info out within the next few weeks with hopefully a ton of options! If you have suggestions outside the normal, feel free to contact Cecilia direct!

All of us here want to say thank you for such a wonderful holiday season together- we can never say enough thanks- having our clients treat us like family powers us through the busy season, and for certain, so did all the snacks and gifts as well!!

From Cecilia, Bri, Caylie, and our holiday and summer guest help Katie, we appreciate you and thank you for supporting this business.

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