About us

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I'm Cecilia, owner and operator of Cecilia's Temple of Groom, located in Burien WA.  Thank you for your interest in our dog grooming services.  I'm very excited to offer the dog grooming services that I feel most strongly about and that what we think are a positive experience for even our most shy and timid little friends.

I have been grooming dogs full time since 1996.  I started my career in Michigan, training with the great groomers at Mr. B's Pet Salon located in Garden City and at Canine Country located in Eastpointe.  Since arriving in Seattle in 2006 my midwest style of great customer service has been well received.  I have been having a great time taking care of the dogs of the Northwest! 

Since 1996 I have continued to perfect my craft by taking classes and engaging in a great deal of self study to keep up on the latest trends, equipment, and health standards for salons. I opened Cecilia's Temple of Groom in 2011. It was a big year for us as we were promptly voted #1 Grooming Salon in Western WA! Cecilia's Temple of Groom has been my dream business and I look forward to making it grow for many years to come.

When I'm not grooming dogs, I spend A LOT of time traveling. Some highlights have been dog sledding in Sweden, swimming with wild pigs in the Bahamas, getting a chance to visit Steve Irwin’s Zoo, and seeing nesting fairy penguins in Australia. I love to work out, roller skate, and hike here in Seattle too! Also, what you’ve heard is true, I don't currently own a dog.  Trust me though - I get plenty of pup time here at Temple of Groom.

Thank You,
I look forward to meeting you and your dogs!


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 Hello, I'm Bri!  I love cows, paddle boarding, and long pack walks on the beach. I can relate any moment in time to an episode of Spongebob Squarepants, and i can play the clarinet...mediocrely, but i can. You can usually find me outside hiking or hanging out in my hammock. I love animals, most specifically gorillas. 


How do you define success?

A rich husband with no prenuptial agreement.

If you could witness any historical event, what would you want to see?

The Salem Witch Trials.

What do you like to do on your days off?

Not move but also move too much (paddle board, climbing and hiking.)

What does true leadership mean to you?

Jim Jones


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Bri and Rudy

 My name is Rebecca Carmack but I go by Becky. I adore my pup named Isis and my boyfriend. I'm working on getting into Digipen for animation and I'm learning to love life. My passion is animals and that often inspires my art but I'll admit I'm more often found with my nose in a book! I am having so much fun meeting you and your dog(s)! 


What are your three most overused words/phrases?
-"I'm sorry"
-"I don't know"
-"I think so"

What is an ability you wish you had?

What is your greatest fear?
Being Alone

What was your favorite book, toy, or outfit as a child?
Warriors by Erin Hunter

What would you most like to tell yourself at age 13?
"It gets better. Hang in there."

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Finishing up or graduated from school and settling back into life

You’d like to be famous for?
My art or my personality or my love and care of animals

If you were an animal what would you be?
Living animal? I'd be a cat. Mythical? I'd be a dragon

What do you like most about your job?
Being around and working with the dogs. It gives me a chance to experience different breeds.

Photo by Twelve Petals Photography