2019 update spectacular !

2019 update time!

We are more than a month into 2019, and already very excited about this coming year here at CTOG.
We closed out last year with a lot of new and exciting changes- our biggest welcoming Caylie, a 10 year veteran groomer to our team. By now you’ve noticed we have had more flexibility and availability for appointments, plus the ability to make adjustments for clients with scheduling conflicts. It was something we have had a lot of requests and feedback for and are very happy to be able to implement that with Caylie on the team.

We are still taking new small dogs at this time, so tell your friends and neighbors and dog park buddies. Let us know and We can provide cards or flyers for you.

We were concerned that having another groomers worth of dogs in the small space would have made it difficult to keep the quietish vibe. The reality is, it hasn’t changed that at all. The key has been clients dropping off and picking up on time.

We would like to make mention of a policy that gets broken a lot- and we hope this gives some perspective:

**Please wait for our call before you come in for your finished dog**

If we didn’t give you an exact pick up time, you must wait for our call. It is extremely difficult to finish a dog who thinks it’s spa day is over when you come in. And trust us..THEY KNOW! No amount of being quiet will help us trim the final touches on their faces especially when we are working with sharp tools.
We will in most cases send the dog home unfinished with regards to their safety. So trust us, even though we’d keep them all, yes- we will call you. If it’s a time thing or a concern- send a text to the shop line- as we don’t answer the phone when dogs are on the tables.

Another thing to look for is we are finally going to get some CTOG merchandise out to the clients. We will be putting that info out within the next few weeks with hopefully a ton of options! If you have suggestions outside the normal, feel free to contact Cecilia direct!

All of us here want to say thank you for such a wonderful holiday season together- we can never say enough thanks- having our clients treat us like family powers us through the busy season, and for certain, so did all the snacks and gifts as well!!

From Cecilia, Bri, Caylie, and our holiday and summer guest help Katie, we appreciate you and thank you for supporting this business.

Whaaaaaat.. NEW GROOMER?!?!

Yes!, you’ve read correctly! I have hired a new groomer here at TOG!

Please welcome Caylie to the Temple of Groom family! She has been with us for a month now, and fits right in!

She’s been grooming close to 10 years and in Cecilia’s opinion, is just fantastic! We are so happy to have her on the team!

Let your friends and neighbors know we now have openings to book at our salon~

Accepting new clients starting August 14th 2018

Cecilia’s Temple of Groom is accepting new clients!




We are accepting new and wait list clients under 50lbs! Availability is limited, and openings start August 14th 2018
We are excited to introduce our new groomer Caylie. If you have had friends, family or neighbors wanting to get there paw in the door, this is it! Call us now to book in advance. Please check our website for breed restrictions and any other info.

Give us a call (206)890-4433, and if you don’t catch us, its most certainly because we are with a dog, so leave us a detailed message.
Please note: we do not book via any social media sites like Facebook or Instagram, nor do we book over email. If we do book over text, please know our appointments are first come- first serve and we cannot hold them waiting for texts back. Thank you for your understanding~
Thank you for your continued support of my small business! I appreciate and value you and your wonderful dogs. ~ Cecilia

June 2018 salon update

We are adjusting our hours

Tuesday 8am- 2pm. 

Wednesday 8am-2pm

Thursday 8am-5pm

Friday 8am-2pm

Saturday 8am-2pm


Monday -Closed

Please ask about 7am appointment availability on weekdays.

Pre-booked appointments outside of this timeframe are not affected and remain the same.

I want to personally thank everyone for your timely pickups and drop offs for your appointments, it helps my day run smoothly, especially when I am running the shop alone.


July 4th

July 13th

October 28th- November 6th

Our books are currently closed to new clients, as is our wait list. I apologize for any inconvenience. Please watch our social media outlets and website for updates. I will not be returning phone calls about new clients. 

Also note, we do not book online, or through email. They get lost and missed very easily. Please call and leave a message and I will reply when I do not have a dog on the table, as it’s my policy to not use the phone when actively working on your pets for safety reasons. 

Thank you 


Itching to find some relief for scratching!?

I’ll keep this short and sweet. More and more our pets (and ourselves)  seem to be suffering from so many allergies. Quite suddenly the market has been flooded with medications that only ease symptoms but do not cure the underlying issue. For some pets who are truly suffering, I’m certain any relief is good, however for most dogs, the side effects to these drugs may outweigh the pros. Here are a few links to see a different opinion, and you can be better educated when you talk about your pets health with your veterinarian.




Temple Of Groom News Aug 2017



 We announced a price increase last week, and although WE know we are worth it, it’s important to make sure we are giving something back to the clientele. So aside from the normal salon upkeep (this month is a full light fixture replacement in our back room), and the regular cost of doing business that steadily goes up every year, everyone likes to see their money at work for them. 

 The increases will be between 5-10$ to make sure we are at industry standard. Please feel free to ask.

 We plan to update our hours to reflect our clients needs, which seems to be more evening availability. Also by doing that, for our health and happiness we do plan to be closed more dedicated days of the week. We think that moving forward everyone will win with this new structure which is planned to start late fall, and be fully implemented next year. No standing appointments will be altered this year. Being open 7 days may be an option in the future when we score a new groomer or two to become part of the team.

 We’ve been listening to everyones feedback, and suggestions, and after implementing PayPal, we’ve realized that its time to take debit/credit cards as well in salon, so we will be installing a POS system at the salon within the new few months.

 We will also be booking in salon, via a computer for ease in checking out, and rescheduling and we will be giving reminder emails/texts too.

 We will not be offering online booking, just incase there were questions on why, here is a well worded excerpt about the problems that can arise. Its important to treat every dog as an individual, and not fall into the assembly line style grooming that online booking could cause.

On the surface, online appointment scheduling seems like a beneficial feature to most any grooming business. Online scheduling allows your clients to schedule themselves in whatever appointment slot they wish simply by visiting your business web site, scanning your appointment calendar, and clicking a few buttons. The process is simple enough, but what many business owners fail to see is the potential for nightmareish scheduling conflicts when allowing clients to self-schedule their grooming appointments.
Online Grooming Appointment Scheduling Case Study

We’ve found that when clients self-schedule grooming appointments, they don’t have the information (or grooming knowledge) necessary to determine the length of time needed to complete the groom needed for their particular pet. Matting, show cuts, summer cuts, creative coloring, or extreme soiling are just some examples of variables that can, sometimes drastically, change the length of time required to complete grooming on a pet from visit to visit.
An Example Of Online Grooming Appointment Scheduling

Let’s say you have 2 (1 hour) schedule “blocks” open on Thursday and two grooming clients visit your web site to schedule these last two openings for the day.
Client 1 has a full coat Great Pyrenees that has just gotten into the muck and is severely soiled. Although this pet may usually take only 1 hour to complete, it may take 2 or more hours to groom in it’s current state. Client 1 schedules in the second to last appointment block.
Client 2 has a medium length Yorkie that has severe matting under all the legs. Client 2 schedules the last appointment block for Thursday, immediately following Client 1 and the Great Pyrenees.
In this scenario, you would typically be overbooked by HOURS right at the end of your day, causing unnecessary stress in your busy work day, increasing the potential for reduced quality work, which will always lead to customer dissatisfaction.
Mobile Businesses

In our field testing, self-scheduling grooming appointments quickly created big mess out of our calendar when tested in mobile grooming business. Clients from all over the city will schedule themselves in random appointment slots with no regard for the location of appointments before or after their own. This leads to increased travel time, increased expenses, and reduces the total number of grooms your mobile unit can complete in a day. Online appointment scheduling in a mobile business is highly undesirable.


Welcome Professor Peepers

There are few better days than the ones where we get to meet a new pet addition to a clients household! New rescues, new puppies, new pretty much any species really… even of the human variety.. they make our day, and we know how awesome of a privilege and what an exciting time that is. I am so happy to share with everyone my new addition, a beautiful cat, named Professor Peepers. 

He’s an Exotic short hair, and almost Four months old. He is small and charming and thinks he’s pretty tough too. I never realized how much i missed having a pet, having lost my last cat Max in 2013. Peeps is a perfect fit.

You can keep up to date on him Via instagram @professorpeepers, and definitely give the salon a follow too @ceciliastempleofgroom


We are getting to work on his cardboard box laboratory, and leash training, but in the meantime, lots of sleeping, eating and playing!

Have a great night!! Cecilia








Comb check it out!

Let’s dog paddle right into the deep end of the pond and talk BRUSHING! It’s on my list of most important things you can do to care for the grooming well being of your dog. The greatest reason I encourage owners to brush their dogs is that it can become a great bonding experience. Its how I get to know and bond with your pet, and even for the dog that doesn’t particularly care for it at first, you’d be surprised with the correct techniques how much they learn tolerate and even enjoy it. When brushing is done in a kind and safe manner, trust is built very quickly. I hope these details will inspire you to pick up the (right) brush and start a new habit.

Because I do not offer dematting on any dog, I don’t use razor combs or other products that “thin” coats. As i discuss on the FAQ page, I will always safely clip out or shave down substantial matting on any dog. Little fluffy has a little knotted up ear? Yea we can brush that, but six weeks of no brushing, and trying to do it all in one go turns into a day of misery. Brush burn is absolutely something that can happen, which in the worst of situations can turn into a nasty infection.

Universal Slicker Brush

Greyhound Comb



















As far as equipment  goes, I don’t stray from some basic, simple products. My absolute favorite being the Franks universal slicker brush. Ive been using them since i started my career in 1996, and although I’ve tried many other brands and versions, I always go back to these. Ive never thought paying more that 5-10$ on a brush was necessary, and over time my personal opinion is that the more it costs, the more damaging to the coat it tends to be.. (I’m looking at you furminator).
I team up the basic slicker brush with a greyhound style comb, and that’s my roster for getting through just about any coat.


Ive mentioned before, technique is even more important than what you use. Some of the main key points on my techniques:

* brushing from the skin through the ends of the hair in small sections. Below is a link to a video how.

Brushing technique
*Using a comb to find mats, but switching to the slicker brush to work through them.
*Holding the brush like you would silverware, and not like a murderer holds a knife, ensuring that you’ll have an even safe pressure.
*Brush and comb with the grain of the hair growth.
*If the matting has gotten to a place where you no longer feel like its safe or comfortable to brush out, then make the call to me and we can discuss the best plan to tackle it, whether its a nice short clip to last you to your next haircut, or booking sooner to maintain the length you want.

Let me know if you have more questions, i look forward to seeing and hearing how the brushing is going!