FAQs and Policies

"New client information"

Due to our 2020 closure we are not accepting new clients at this time, please check back with us in the future, or follow us on social media for immediate access to updates.

We do not accept any dogs over 30 lbs.

 Please give us a call (206) 890-4433.  We generally will respond to these messages at the beginning and the end of the work day.

  We wish we could accommodate every single person's dog, but we also have to maintain a comfortable work/life situation.

Trust that we don't like saying no, we just want to maintain the quality of grooming for the pets currently in our care. We do not engage in assembly line style grooming (it takes a bit more time to work client by client). We hope you too embrace our vision for a calm salon as it has helped us become so popular. Thank you all so much!

"Why does my Groomer not quote me a price over the phone, its always $(this much) and up?"

Most owners are not aware of what blades will get through certain types of coats, what condition the dog is in, and what type of temperament the dog has. All these factors play a part in pricing, along with what type of style can be done on the dog versus what the owners want. Some owners will say "Oh he has a few knots" but the dog shows up at the salon and he’s is matted solid on his legs but the owner wants a longer style. This is impossible and very painful on the dog to brush out. In order to do a long style the dog has to be completely brushed and combed out. The safest and most painless way is to clip down the dog short and start all over again then maintain the dog with proper brushing in between grooms. So without seeing the dog, and its condition of coat we can only estimate the cost and "up". Extra fees could be applied to the extra time taken to clip down a dog because of matting or behavior, or for a longer hand scissored style, if the dog is in excellent coat condition. Extra charges also are applied for flea baths, which a mandatory for any dog entering the salon with fleas.

"My dog may have Fleas...now what?"

I recommend having your dog on a flea preventative, for instance a vet recommended topical or pill form given monthly. If during the grooming fleas are found, a flea bath with flea shampoo will be given at an extra cost, but remember, it will only kill what is currently living on the dog, and without a preventative, they will just go back home and pick them up again. Remember to treat all your other pets too in the home.

"Why does my dog itch after grooming?"
Some dogs itch as people would after they have shaved their legs or “other” areas. Another reason is the dog came into the salon severely matted to the skin, and the groomer had to use a very short blade to get under that matting to be able to lift it away from the skin. Owners are responsible for the regular in home brushing of their pets to maintain their coats so a dog groomer can do a cute clip. Sometimes puppies itch because it is their first grooming, or they have never had certain procedures done on them such as ear hair removal in the canal. Your pup will shake its head. Discourage your dog from scratching or shaking its head, as he or she will cause irritation and scabbing if left unattended. Dogs or pups that have matting on ear tips, once released at the groomers the blood rushes to the end of the tips. With the dog shaking its head the tips of the ears hit together above the head causing scabbing, or hematomas. TIP- For head shaking cut a woman's nylon sock to make it like a sleeve and slip it over the dogs head with the ears placed up on top of the forehead. This will stop the hitting of ear tips together causing hematomas. Also white or light colored dogs are more prone to scratching and ear shaking after grooming. Any questions regarding your dog after its groom, please feel free to call.

"When should my puppy have its first professional grooming?"
Grooming on your pup should start as soon as their vaccinations are finished, to let the pup become acquainted with the sounds of the salon environment, noises such as dryers, clippers, and other dogs etc. We can help teach you the proper way to brush and handle your puppy. These techniques started early will imprint on your pup. The first 6 months of life for a dog is like the first 5 years for a human. It is very important to start them early. We recommend a grooming session every month for the first 4 months. With both you and your groomer working hand in hand doing the same things at home as the groomer would in the studio the pup will take everything around him or her in stride and make it a pleasant experience and not a traumatic one. This in turn makes grooming your pet at home easy for your pup, you and the groomer. It's ok to call and see if your puppy can just come and hang out for an hour just to listen and become accustomed to the sounds prior to its first haircut.

"I want my dog short but not shaved."
Shaving and Clipping are the same. Blades come in all different lengths, from short to long. The better maintained the coat is, with no matting or knots, the longer clip style a groomer can do. Longer clipped styles require more frequent grooming every 4-6 weeks to maintain the style, with the dog being properly maintained at home. We DO NOT do de-matting or full brush outs on heavily matted dogs. Matting will be safely clipped out. Pulling blades that are too long through matted hair is the usual cause for cuts during the grooming process, so we will always choose the safest lengths. You are always welcome take your dog home to brush it out if your told that your dog must be shaved due to matting, but we will charge the full grooming fee for the lost time. Please ask any questions regarding how to care for your pets hair in-between grooms.

"I forgot about my appointment, can i still come in?"
Most likely not that day, It will end up being rescheduled as it would put us behind on our next client. If you just forgot about it and either No-showed or called last min, we do charge the FULL GROOMING FEE.
Temple of Groom requires a minimum 24 hrs advance notice for a cancellation or reschedule.
We book and groom one clients pet(s) straight through, as to keep the dogs stay in the salon as short as possible. When clients show up even just 10 mins, it puts us that much more behind, and it is groomer discretion on whether the dog can still be groomed that day, or must be rescheduled (it will almost ALWAYS be rescheduled). Please be on time, remember there are other dogs being worked on, At the end of the day, please be timely picking up as us groomers have other appts we need to be on time for as well.
* No show/last min calls will be charged 100% OF THE MISSED CHARGE for our time for the next groom* * More than one no show- you will no longer be able to book with Temple of Groom*New clients who no show will not be re-booked.

"Can I get a discount if I have two or more dogs?"
Cecilia’s Temple of Groom does not offer those type of discounts. The same amount of work goes into each dog and the fee is charged according to the breed, the style, condition of the dog,and time taken to complete the dog.

"Why doesn't my groomer answer the phone, I seem to always get the answering machine?"
Most times we can not answer the phone because we are busy with the dogs. The dog is already on the table and we can not move away from the table because it is unsafe for your dog to be left unattended. During the work day the priority is handling the dogs safely, and chatting on the phone is a distraction, and puts us behind schedule. Please leave a message and we will call back between dogs or at the start/end of the day. Your patience its appreciated.

"Is it too cold to have my dog groomed?"
Many pet owners neglect to have their pets groomed in the winter. Mostly what we hear is, "its too cold". It may be cold, but our pets still need professional grooming. Of course they can be left longer, even not trimmed at all during the cold months. But they always need a complete brush out and bathing. Nail trimming and ear cleaning is a must all year round too. When clients let their pets go through the winter without professional grooming, their dog ends up coming in with their fur matted, which leads them to being clipped very short. If you would like to keep your pets style, don't skip those winter visits to the professionals. Keep your pet in style and feeling great all through they year!

"I worry that you will be using hot dryers on my dog, and have heard about dog related deaths associated to heat drying,... Will you be using heat dryers on my dog?"
Cecilia's Temple of Groom does NOT use any dryers with heating elements. Dog dryers have to be maintained, cleaned and oiled depending on the make, and this is routinely done at Cecilia's. We have the latest dryers on the market and do not use cage heat dryers at all. The latest dryers are all cool air based using only the room temperature air on the dog. Also 95% of the dogs are hand dried with no heat, which is why they turn out so nice and fluffy. Another reason we hand dry is it gives us the opportunity to really get a look at your dogs skin, so we can let you know if any changes in their health. Your dogs safety will always be more important than being completely dry, because we want the grooming to be a positive experience. For dogs that are extra sensitive to drying we do offer kennel drying by hand, and fully attended if it less traumatic for the dog.

"Why does my dog shake?"
It is very normal for your dog to shake when coming into a dog salon, they are smart and know what is coming, but once inside they know the drill, and are quite content with us once the owner leaves. Some say its like a stress reliever: like how human tend to tap or move your legs when your feeling anxious. if a dog is faced with something overwhelming or confusing, and he's not quite sure what to do, he'll offer the body shake. You are best to just "hand off" your dog to the groomer and NOT make a big deal about leaving your dog. Your dog will pick up on your anxiety and it will be harder on him or her. Don't worry about your pooch, they will be fine!

"Can I stay and wait for my pet?"
We do not allow owners to stay for the groom. During the grooming we need the dogs undivided attention, and frankly when they see their owner, its an impossible task. That being said its always ok to see the grooming area, and ask any questions about the grooming you may have. Cecilia’s Temple of Groom reserves the right to send a dog home unfinished at the FULL FEE if owners do not wait for the phone call. Usually by the end of the groom, we are finishing the face, and its very difficult for the dog to regain composure when they think its time to go home after hearing the door, and their owners voice. So for the sake of safety we will end the grooming session. Trust us, we will call you.

"Will my pet be put into a cage?"
There is always the possibility that your dog will be crated to keep them safe and secure. Unless prior arrangements are made, you can expect that they will be crated.

"Do you muzzle dogs?"
Generally no, we seldom find it necessary to muzzle a dog and much prefer to build the trust between dog and groomer. However, dogs that show signs of aggression or biting/licking of the clippers and scissors will be muzzled for both their safety and ours. Dogs that bite and cannot be muzzled safely will be sent home.

"Do you use sedation?"
We do not sedate any animals on these premises under any situation. Only a Veterinarian can prescribe any necessary drugs for your pet. We sometimes have to recommend clients to seek veterinary advice if we cannot groom a difficult dog for their safety. We also cannot administer drugs for you either. Please ask your vet for advice. Sedated animals require special care and may be refused service if not arranged for prior to appointment. We will work with an owner on a plan to groom their sedated pet.

"Breed and Size Restrictions"
We do not take dogs over 75lbs, as we do not have the space for the giant breeds, We also do not take: 
Chow Chows
Great Pyrenees 
Aggressive dogs of ANY BREED will be turned away.

"Do you groom cats?”
We do not groom cats, but we are happy to trim their nails here. For grooming we recommend City Kitty in Edmonds WA

"Some Do's and Don'ts"
*Before going to Groomers, if its possible, do not feed your dog.

*Take your dog for a walk prior to leaving home for him or her to relieve itself.

*Make sure you have a dog crate or a blanket to cover your car seat, paper towels and garbage bag, in case of accidents.

*Avoid bringing toys, or treats as most wont eat in a salon atmosphere.

*Please Do NOT show up or call while your dog is being groomed. Showing up while your dog is being finished on the table stresses out your dog and gets him excited,wanting to go home with you. This makes it very unsafe for us to try and finish our work

*Please do NOT call us, as with each distraction this also puts your dog at risk on the table while we try and get the phone to tell you the dog is not ready, and delays us on time, putting us behind on your dog and the next dogs. We will call when the dogs is finished.

*All dogs are required to be picked up with-in 30 minutes of our call, unless discussed prior.

*We do not sell dogs, or recommend breeders.. but there are plenty of animal shelters in Seattle with hopeful loving animals up for adoption! We love Old Dog Haven, and Emerald City Pet Rescue.

*Please call and ask questions, from what kind of brush to use, to training recommendations, to food types.. we have lots of  experience and want to share that knowledge with you!

Policy bullet points

  • No call/No shows will be charged 100% full fee
  • 24 hr notice required to reschedule/cancel without the cancellation fee
  • Unless given a pickup time, please wait for our call, as we will not finish for safety reasons
  • Pets are required to be picked up within 30 min of our call unless discussed prior with groomer
  • 10 mins or more late will likely be rescheduled and charged the 100% full fee for our time
  • Cash, Checks and PayPal are accepted
  • It is owners responsibility to have their pet on a flea preventive, as well as up to date on all shots and have records available upon request
  • We do not offer full dematting or hand stripping, all matting will be clipped out
  • We do not allow owners to stay with their pets while they are groomed
  • We no longer take dogs over 75lbs
  • Some breed restrictions apply, feel free to call with questions